invertebrate survey and conservation

Habitat surveys and Grant applications

  • Whole site surveys to assess conservation interest of a site.

  • Surveys for protected species and Biodiversity Action Plan Priority species.

  • Mitigation for developers.


  • Research

  • Ecology and study of Invertebrates.

  • Bees and Wasps, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Hoverflies, Shield bugs.

  • Rare and BAP priority species

Educational and training

Bug hunting events

Invertebrate id workshops

Conservation Entomology

Ecological consultant (2000 to ongoing) Much of my fieldwork has been focused on invertebrates. Very good knowledge and working experience of all natural history in Cornwall. Extensive practical experience of ecological surveys involving vegetation transects and habitat mapping.

Contracts including Invertebrate condition assessment for Natural England (2010). Field ecologist at Monkswood (CEH) in Cambridgeshire (2007 and 2005). On going surveys for Hymettus. National Trust surveys (2008, 2005,2004). Butterfly conservation (2002). 

County Bumblebee recorder for The Environmental Records Centre for Cornwall. Recorder for BWARS. Working on a Bumblebee atlas for Cornwall and Devon

Education on Biodiversity

Various practical experience and fundraising experience through development of a grounds & gardens 1991-ongoing at the Monkey Sanctuary, Looe.

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park head

Park head