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Cornwall priority areas for bees

Cornwall PAB

Peas&asters4bees aims to promote suitable habitat creation or management in the most important locations for scarce bees. This project has been devised by KE in partnership with SWEEP. The targetting areas have been selected with pragmatic criteria using bee distribution data, previous surveys and estimations of foraging distance (see further information).

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Perkin's Mining Bee

Green-eyed Flower Bee (Anthophora bimaculata) needs both legumes and asters

Target Option Flower species Key bees targetted
Scabious4bees Zone to create meadows rich in Field Scabious Large Scabious Mining Bee (Andrena hattorfiana)
Vetch4bees Zone to create vetch rich areas include Meadow vetchling, Everlasting Peas. Long-horned Bee (Eucera longicornis)
Peas&asters4bees Create Peas4bees meadows including Birdsfoot trefoils, Clovers and Vetch sp. (Pea bees) Clover Blunthorn Bee (Melitta leporina) Gold-fringed Mason Bee (Osmia aurulenta)
Create Asters4bees meadows with Knapweed, Fleabane, Ragwort and Hawkbits. (Aster bees) Buff-banded Mining Bee (Andrena simillima), Black-headed Mining Bee (Andrena nigriceps),Hawksbeard Mining Bee (Andrena fulvago), Large Shaggy Bee (Panurgus banksianus), Pantaloon Bee (Dasypoda hirtipes)
Both Peas & Asters above for other scarce bees Brown-banded Carder Bee (Bombus humilis), Green-eyed Flower Bee (Anthophora bimaculata) Moss Carder Bee (Bombus muscorum)
Umbellifers4bees Angelica Perkin's Mining Bee (Andrena rosae) although combine with Peas&asters4bees options

PAB targetting areas

Please contact KE, SWEEP or Wheal Buzzy project for further information/advice. KE is particularly keen to help and support site managers within Vetch4bees and Scabious4bees areas.

Thanks to BWARS, Will Hawkes, Buglife and ERICA for species records. Thanks to contributors to BWARS and ERICA datasets.

Supported by The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund and Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Andrena rosae

Pantaloon Bee (Dasypoda hirtipes) a scarce bee which prefers asters

Perkin's Mining Bee

Blunthorn Bee (Melitta leporina) a clover specialist

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