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Pollinator Conservation Targeting Schemes


This page is under development. Peas&asters4bees organises scarce bees by planting themes and key areas In Cornwall. This is aimed to link simple planting actions to a suite of scarce specialised bees in the most effective areas to target actions. These actions are likely to also benefit a broader range of pollinators.


Legume specialist bees included in Peas4Bees planting theme. see below.

Melitta leporina

Blunthorn Bee (Melitta leporina) a clover specialist

nomada flavopicta

Blunthorn Nomad Bee (Nomada flavopicta), this bee is a social parasite needing a host population of Blunthorn Bee (Melitta leporina). So is even rarer than its host

Osmia aurulenta

Gold-fringed Mason Bee (Osmia aurulenta) a legume specialist

wood vetch

Legume family has protein rich pollen important for many bees


Scarce Asters or daisy family specialists are included in Asters4bees. see below. Note Composites or Asters are a big family with some being more useful than others. Encourage native late flowering Asters such as Thistles, Ragwort, Knapweed, Fleabane and Hawkbits. Some of these bees have unknown requirements and may use other families as well. Asters4bees recommends a suite of late flowering native species. Absolutely don't plant Michaelmas daisy or Shasta daisy in wildlife areas !!. Food for Pollinators: Quantifying the Nectar and Pollen Resources of Urban Flower Meadows (Hicks 2016) found that perennial meadows produced up to 20x more nectar and up to 6x more pollen than annual meadows. Native asters including Knapweed scored very highly. The top five nectar producers were native asters. With Knapweed ranked as fourth most productive in pollen and fifth in nectar.

Black-headed Mining Bee

Black-headed Mining Bee (Andrena nigriceps)

Buff-banded Mining Bee

Buff-banded Mining Bee (Andrena simillima) very little is known about this very rare bee but i have observed it to be associated with Knapweed, Ragwort and Bramble


Meadow rich in Hawkbits

Pantaloon Bee

Pantaloon Bee (Dasypoda hirtipes) a scarce bee which prefers asters


A suite of species were selected for Peas&asters4bees. These include species that are thought to be relatively generalist but can be linked with high quality flower rich sites with both Asters and Legumes. A simple meadow mix of Knapweed and Birdsfoot Trefoil (Greater and/or Common) is practical advice likely to be effective and produce the big bag of pollen these bees need.

Bombus humilis

Brown-banded Carder Bee (Bombus humilis)

Green-eyed Flower Bee

Green-eyed Flower Bee (Anthophora bimaculata) needs quality habitats with both legumes and composites

Coastal Leaf cutter

Coast Leafcutter Bee (Megachile maritima)


Coastal flower rich grassland supports a range of rare bees.