invertebrate survey and conservation


This is a sample of some of the surveys and reports by Kernow ecology. Click on the links to view full articles

Tormentil Mining Bee on Cornwall Wildlife Trusts Bartinney Nature Reserve (2017)

New Atlas of the Bumblebees of Devon: a recorder’s guide.

The Long-horned Bee in Cornwall, status, conservation and ecology. Full report (2017)

The Long-horned Bee in Cornwall, conservation guidance sheet (2017)

Tormentil Mining Bee on Cornwall Wildlife Trusts Bartinney Nature Reserve (2016)

Cornwall Bumblebee atlas, An Atlas and conservation guide, ERCCIS publication, also available on real paper !! (2016)

Cornwall Today article featuring the monkey sanctuary garden. Thanks to Cornwall Today (2015)

Comprehensive survey of West Penwith area for Rare bees and Butterflies. Including Andrena rosae, Andrena tarsata, Small red damselfly and Small pearl bordered fritillary, Natural England (2015)

The Long Horned Mining bee in Cornwall, its ecology and pollen preferences, BWARS article (2014)

Cardinham forest, Butterfly Conservation and Forestry Commission, (2014)

Strawberry Hill orchard, a survey and management plan (2014)

Priority Cornish bees a nature map of the important areas, Kernow ecology (2013)

The bees and wasps of Marsland nature reserve in North Devon, A survey for DWT (2013)

Tapinoma ants in Dorset, a review of the ecology of two closely related Tapinoma ant species on Godlingstone heath in Dorset, a Hymettus report. (2011)

The status of Bombus soroeensis in Devon and Cornwall (2009)

Cornwall rare bumblebee survey, A Hymettus review of bumblebees in Cornwall (2008)

Murrayton South East Cornwall Pearl Bordered Fritillary survey (2002)

See Buglife SW bees project reports, I have made contributions to some of these

We wish them sunny days and fields of flowers